Amazing Kidney recovery

   My name is Steve. I am a 53 year old kidney transplant recipient. In September of 2007 a close friend of mine donated one of her kidneys to me. What an incredible friend and unimaginable gift! Approximately 10 months after the transplant Shaklee came out with a new product. Vivix. Vivix is a liquid supplement with Resveratrol and plant polyphenols. Resveratrol has been proven to repair damaged cells at the DNA level. It works in the mitochondria of each cell. Mitochondria are the energy factories in each cell of our bodies.I began taking Vivix as soon as it was available. New kidney transplant recipients have to have blood tests done on a monthly basis. During one of my first visits with my doctor to review how I was doing. He noted my parathyroid level was high, that it needed to be watched. I asked how to lower that level, and the doctor told me I couldn't lower it. The other concern was my liver enzymes were elevated, probably because of all of the drugs I have to take for the transplant. I have to take immunosuppressants so the body doesn't reject the kidney, steroids for inflammation, and blood pressure medication because some of the drugs raise my blood pressure. All of those medications can stress and overwhelm a liver. I also get tested regularly for my creatinine level. This level is one of the main measures of kidney function. Normal is between 0.8 - 1.1. My kidney is from a woman, so it is smaller than my kidney was. My starting creatinine level was between 1.7-1.8. Since regularly taking Vivix my latest creatinine level has improved to 1.0. COMPLETELY NORMAL function! This is important because the immunosuppressants I take to keep my transplanted kidney around, are unfortunately also nephrotoxic (they are slightly toxic to the kidney). Since I have been taking the Vivix not only has my kidney remained totally stable, it has, in fact, noticeably IMPROVED in it's function. Since regularly taking Vivix, my parathyroid level has dropped 30 points (you remember, the level that the Dr. said wouldn’t go down...), and my liver enzymes have all returned to normal. My energy level has gone up noticeably.!But, mostly notably, my transplant nephrologist (kidney specialist) during a scheduled follow up 5 years post-transplant was so impressed with my lab results and health he told me I have the makings of a 30 + YEAR KIDNEY! Do I believe in Shaklee and Vivix? You bet I do! You can say I trust Shaklee products with my life!
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